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Coco Poulette

Rotisserie | Perpignan

Located in the pedestrian streets of the historic center of Perpignan, Coco Poulette is located on the sunny terrace or in the cozy and warmly decorated room.

Specializes in rotisserie, Coco Poulette offers specialties to pin on site as well as take away.

On site, all our knowledge is served in traditional way (roasted chickens with spices, range chicken, pork ribs marinated with spices, candied pork cheeks, roasted grated basis, etc.). But revisited with revenues of more contemporary way as our filled bagels, our caesar salad or gratin on toast our bread levain.Tous these dishes are served with our famous potatoes in oven and pickled vegetables or rice in our house.

Coté away, our meals are served dishes in seconds (meat and toppings house) with drinks and desserts. But you can also enjoy our caesar bagels, farmer or cheek confit pork. Or just take a chicken on a spit (thyme, nature or spices) or enjoy a range chicken Gers accompanied by potatoes.

Fast, and with a smile!

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